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Why Squares Pass?
Squares Pass - for those who value their time and want to be as efficient as possible!
Tired of the same office?
87% of people experience burnout due to lack of balance and social isolation. With Squares Pass, you can balance work, personal life and productivity!
Not comfortable working in cafes?
With Squares Pass, you can work anywhere you want and get free drinks/desserts + discounts up to 30%
Work from home became boring?
In 64% of cases, working from home leads to loss of productivity and depression. Squares Pass will help you change the scenery and be productive once again!
30% discount is valid until: 31 August, 2023
What do you get with Squares Pass?
Save up to $7000 per year on long-term commitments and going to cafes!
Biggest selection of locations
You can work and meet in any of 200 locations of the city!
Free drinks and desserts
You don't have to order anything. Squares Pass users get free water/coffee/desserts.
Discounts from partners
You can get exclusive discounts and valuable promotions from our partners (cafes, delivery services, educational platforms and 100+ more)
Squares Pass community
"I bought Squares Pass with a discount. I needed this product because I'm constantly sitting in different places of the city and spend a lot of money. I think Squares Pass is a cool solution, I'm a big fan of it now!"
"Very glad that such subscription is now active. I got really tired of sitting in one coworking. I'm glad that I became part of Squares Pass, because it is very profitable and solves my problems."
Startup founder
"Great and profitable solution! My team and I were sitting in a co-working space and it's more expensive than Squares Pass. We bought Squares Pass for a team of 12 people and I hope that this will improve the productivity of the team!"
"I didn't know if I actually needed Squares Pass, because I was mostly working from home or going to cafes. Now I understand how Squares Pass changed my working behavior and how productive I have become after using Squares Pass"
Digital Marketing Expert
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Biggest selection of workspaces
You can work and meet from 200 locations of the city!
Cheaper than office or coworking space
Do not pay for an office or coworking, instead get 200 locations at once in any area of the city
Access to events
Free tickets to events and workshops from various speakers
Free drinks
With Squares Pass, you get free coffee/water/dessert
Discounts from partners
You receive exclusive discounts and useful offers from our partners
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Pre-sale 30% discount ends in:
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